How To Reduce Phytic Acid In Food

How To Reduce Phytic Acid In Food

Phytic acid is a type of phosphorus compound found in foods such as seeds, grains, beans and nuts that affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. If you have Crohn’s disease, or if your body is not absorbing enough nutrients, you will not benefit from the foods that you eat and will have greater difficulty in maintaining optimal health. There are several methods to reduce Phytic acid in food, but that can help you improve nutritional absorption
You need:. .
Vitamin C supplement (1000 mg)

When consuming raw nuts, place them in a bowl with about an inch of water ,. . At nuts to soak for 24 hours to force Phytic acid release. Use this same method to soak the beans to reduce Phytic acid content.
Bake foods whenever possible to destroy food’s Phytic acid content. Incorporate nuts to muffins or baked beans to minimize Phytic acid content.
Eat grains that are sprouted. Natural enzymes destroy Phytic acid content of the seeds after they have sprouted.
Aspirate all grains in water or ferment them first, before their use in stews or baked products to minimize Phytic acid they contain. Soak lentils and rice for 48 hours, and soak the ground grain in 24 hours. This process allows Lactobacillus enzymes to destroy Phytic acid in food.
Drought nuts and beans before eating them as this will further reduce the levels of Phytic acids in these foods. Roast nuts before eating them to cook them, and this will lower Phytic acid levels. You can put them over an open fire in a pot, or you can add them on a flat tray and bake for five to 10 minutes.
Consume 1000 mg of vitamin C before a meal consisting of food with phytic it. Vitamin C will help in the prevention of the natural binding of Phytic acid to iron and will improve your ability to absorb iron in the food.

Tips and Warnings

Too much Phytic acid in your diet can make you more prone to conditions such as chronic fatigue and malnutrition. You will want to reduce the amount of Phytic acid you consume as much as possible to achieve maximum health levels. Germinating seeds improves seed features and improves on the seed and / or grain nutritional value. Sprouting Grain improves the amount of vitamin B2, B5, and B6 in the latter food and the level of carotenes will also increase strongly with vitamin C levels.
You will not want to completely eliminate the consumption of Phytic acid in your diet, because phytate is valuable to the human body and health. Studies are revealing that Phytic acid helps supply the body with cancer-fighting antioxidants.

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