How To Ease Arthritis Pain By Reducing Processed Foods

How To Ease Arthritis Pain By Reducing Processed Foods

Some types of arthritis pain can be improved through changes in lifestyle, including for an anti-inflammatory diet, getting regular moderate physical activity, and administer medications and supplements. Many processed foods are considered pro-inflammatory. That is, they can contribute to arthritis pain. By eliminating processed foods and choose whole foods instead, you may find that you pain subsides
You need:. .
Access to a supermarket
A notepad to create shopping lists, and create a journal to keep track of your symptoms and food.

Simple Arthritis Pain by reducing processed foods

Consider cupboards. Start by taking a look around the kitchen. How much of the food you eat comes out of a packet, ready-to-eat? Before throwing things, make a list of all the foods that can replace the processed foods you eat now. A little research on whole foods may be needed.
Start slow for success. Unless you can get some support from a nutritionist or other health professionals, it may be wise to start slowly. Increase of fresh fruits and vegetables you eat is a great, easy way to start. Do you know that the optimal number of servings of fruits and vegetables is 5-9 servings every day? This strategy of adding good stuff first could make it easier to reduce the processed foods you eat.
Track your success. Keeping a log of your diet, activity, medications and symptoms can help you see what works best. Everyone is different, so there may be some foods really bothers you while you tolerate other well. Every part of your lifestyle-diet, activity, meds, etc will be a factor in how well you feel. It’s finding the right balance and adjust what is the trick-but you’re worth it
Look for foods that are whole-food versions of processed foods you like. . . If you love packaged cookies and eat them regularly, rather than going “cold turkey”, try to find a better option. Several local bakeries make healthier, less processed baked goods. Or, try an organic variant.
Know that you are not alone-can support. There are places on the Internet to find more information and support for your arthritis. Your health care workers may have ideas about connecting with others.

Tips and Warnings

Just what are processed foods? The more that is done in a food between farm and your plate, the more processed it is. Meals ready to pop in the microwave is highly processed. An apple straight from the farm are unprocessed or whole food. Canned or frozen vegetables are in between-they are processed, but not as highly processed like a TV dinner. The more processed foods, the more chemicals unrecognizable to the human body it will contain. It is these chemicals that people ascribe anti-inflammatory eating says culprits in triggering inflammation and make arthritis pain worse.
A dietitian can help you identify foods that affect your pain.
Another way to do this is an “elimination diet”, a very simple diet that is followed for several weeks, and then slowly liberalized. The advantage of this “cold turkey” approach is that you can quickly feel dramatically better and if you do, you know that you are sensitive to the foods you eat. A dietitian can help you with an elimination diet.
Always talk to your doctor before making these or other lifestyle changes.
Work with your health professional for a comprehensive arthritis pain management program. They are out there!

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