How To Lose Weight On A Protein Diet

How To Lose Weight On A Protein Diet

If you are tired of reading through all the literature on high protein, low (single) carbohydrate diets, sees this as a cheat sheet. I’ve researched and followed a specific protein diet carefully, lost 10 pounds in two weeks, twice, and maintained weight loss until I went back to my old habits. The key is to fill up on high protein foods such as lean meat, soy products, and nuts and avoid foods with high glycemic index. High glycemic foods rapidly spike your blood sugar level, and if not used immediately, stored as fat. They also tend to make you hungry when your blood sugar drops. On this diet, you will be asked to go on a strict version for two weeks, so you can lose weight quickly, then gradually add more complex carbohydrates for maintenance. If you are healthy, try this for two weeks. After two weeks, start adding whole grains in your diet
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For the first two weeks, avoiding all bread, pasta, rice, grains and white potatoes. For breakfast, instead of grain, consider 1) eggs with sausage or bacon, 2) cottage cheese with berries, or 3) cream cheese or low-sugar peanut butter on celery. For lunch, instead of sandwiches, salads consider without croutons, crackers, tortilla strips, or other crunchy starch. For dinner, have a lean piece of meat and lots of vegetables. When eating out, consider ordering eggplant parmesian instead of pasta dishes, grilled fish instead of batter-fried fish, eat only meat inside the bun, ask for salad instead of fries, and eat you stir frys without rice.

Eliminate simple carbohydrates from your diet. This means that no foods made with white flour, including white bread, crackers, and pasta, no white rice, no white sugar (or sugar added) and no white potatoes.
Eliminate sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, try sugar-free desserts like pudding or jello made with artificial sweetener.
Avoid processed foods containing added sugars and salt. Look at the food label on the back of the product. Think carefully before buying foods with more than a few grams of sugar or 13 grams of carbohydrates per serving.
Eat as many vegetables, except white potatoes, and fruits, except watermelon, as you will. Vegetables and fruits are generally low in carbohydrates and high in vitamins and fiber. Fiber fills you up.
Snack on nuts instead of chips.
Eliminate fruit juice. Eat fruit instead, except watermelon.
Eliminate alcoholic beverages.
Avoid drinking coffee with sugar and whipped cream. If you want coffee, drink it plain and add cream and / or artificial sweetener that is needed.
Drink diet soda instead of regular soda. Better yet ,. Drinking water.
Remember to drink water throughout the day.

Tips and Warnings

Consult your doctor before starting a diet. Some critics argue that protein diets can cause or aggrevate kidney problems.

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