How To Lower And Control Appetite

How To Lower And Control Appetite

It’s hard to stick to a diet when you have a huge appetite. This article shows you how to control and reduce your appetite, so you can lose weight or just stay healthy
You need:.
. motivation.
mint toothpaste.
lemon juice.
high quality spices.
nutritious snacks.
comfortable bed and pillow.

drinking water. Many times appetite tells you to drink when you’re not really hungry. In fact, you are thirsty. So be sure to drink eight glasses of water a day-more if you exercise as you should. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the water that can help suppress your appetite and add flavor to water.
Sleep. Get six to eight hours of sleep at a minimum. If you do not, your body will be stressed which could lead to increased appetite. To do that, avoid caffeine during the afternoon and evening, and make sure you have a set evening schedule. Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and pillow.
Take a good multivitamin every day. Sometimes increased appetite is because your body is craving a nutrient that you have not. That can make you hungry. A quality multivitamin will ensure that you have the nutrients you need.
Eat every three to four hours while awake. This will keep your metabolism going. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain crackers or low-fat yogurt are good snacks, but some nutritious snack will do. To prevent you from getting too hungry, you are far less likely to binge.
Brush your teeth with mint toothpaste when you have an unexpected craving. The strong mint flavor will help suppress your appetite.
Spice power. Spicy food helps to reduce appetite. Add quality spices to food (such as pepper, chili powder, etc.), but do not overdo it. Similarly, adding cinnamon to oatmeal to have the same effect.
Eat foods that have protein or fiber. White flour and sugar is the enemy. They will increase your appetite. Whole grains and lean proteins are your friends. Fruits and vegetables have fiber, so keep that in mind. Protein and fiber helps keep you feeling full.

Tips and Warnings

Exercise at least half an hour every day to increase your metabolism.
Do not skip meals!
If you slip up, do not worry. Just go back to healthy habits.
Talk to your doctor before taking a multivitamin.
Do not take fad diet pills.

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