ADHD And Autism Diets

ADHD And Autism Diets

While traditional medical dogma is recommended that the best way to treat ADHD and autism was through medication, new findings reveal that dietary control may be another key to unlock the mystery of these two diseases. If you, or someone you know, suffers from ADHD or autism, consider implementing a low-carb to low-sugar diet helps win the battle against these problematic conditions

Diet and ADHD
Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, has discovered an interesting fact about people diagnosed with ADHD. In “normal” population, gluten sensitivity-an allergic reaction to the protein found in barley, wheat, oats and rye-is found in only 1 percent of people. But the figure is much higher among people with ADHD. Thus restricting gluten with a low-carb diet can be a major step towards curbing symptoms.

ADHD and glucose
A New England Journal of Medicine study also found a link between those with ADHD and an altered glucose metabolism. This means that people who suffer from ADHD not metabolize glucose in the same way as everyone else. It has therefore been suggested that decreased glucose diet (i.e., low-carb) can help individuals with ADHD.

Gluten and autism
abstain from gluten is also recommended for people with autism, as they often have internal problems that make grain digestion difficult. It is believed that consuming large amounts of gluten leads to high levels of gluteomorphines in the blood, which can cause many symptoms of autism, such as the desire to avoid social interaction and decreased pain messages. Thus removing gluten from the diet can help alleviate symptoms.

Example ADHD / Autism Diet
The Paleo Diet is a good diet to control ADHD and autism. The Paleo Diet is based on eating habits of the world’s remaining hunter / gatherer tribes. To follow this plan eat, just eliminate consumption of grains, beans, potatoes, dairy products, sugar and salt. Eat instead following elements: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, berries, nuts, vegetables and fruits. This will eliminate gluten and sugar from the diet, moderate symptoms of autism and ADHD.

alternative Diet
An alternative plan to achieve the same goal is to adopt the Atkins Diet. To follow the Atkins Diet, eat no more than 20g of carbs per day in the first two weeks on the plan. After that, double the daily carb limit to 40, but strive to reach this limit by eating mostly vegetables and limited amounts of fruit, while completely avoiding grains. While “regular” leaner again would increase carb intake as they near their target weight, if you use diet to curb symptoms of autism or ADHD, you should instead remain at this lower limit indefinitely.

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