How Is Water Quality Tested To Determine If It Is Safe For Drinking

How Is Water Quality Tested To Determine If It Is Safe For Drinking

Drinking pure water is essential to stay healthy. Water tests can be performed quickly and inexpensively, and should routinely be performed to ensure that the water is safe to drink. Municipalities often make periodic water testing, but maybe you want to conduct your own tests more often

Send samples to be tested in Lab
The most comprehensive way to determine whether the water is safe for drinking is to send samples to a laboratory. You can find a certified testing lab by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791 or visit www. epa. gov / safe water / laboratories.

Buy a Home Test Kit
Home test kits are available from a number of retailers. You can buy a test kit online or by visiting your local home improvement store. Although these tests do not give as accurate results as a lab conducted the test, they can give you a first indication of the overall security of your water.

other considerations
Before conducting a test, you can determine the overall safety of drinking water by considering the source and analyze any potential problems in the area. Usually underground water sources will be safer than open sources, but this is not always true. Cloud cover, smell and taste can also give you a general idea about the quality of your water, but as a general rule, you should test the questionable water before it tastes.

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