How To Get The Best Sleep

How To Get The Best Sleep

Prepare the body for sleep, began first by watching your diet. what you eat and drink are important factors in preparing the body to rest. alcoholic drinks make a person feel sleepy, but they actually impair sleep quality. Avoiding drinks and foods are stimulants will be a wise choice for anyone who wants to and needs a good night’s sleep sleep. Noise interferes with normal sleep. night time noise increases the risk of reducing deep sleep and dreams, especially in urban areas. the effects of too little sleep end up unproductive.

You need:
comfortable mattress and pillows, dark room, sleep inducing foods

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Avoid stimulating foods at night, such as: coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate and cola drinks

Must eat small amounts induce sleep foods: mango, sweet potato, banana, persimmon, palm cabbage, rice, bean sprouts, or nuts, these stimulate the production of serotonin

to relax and sleep better exercise regularly, listening to quiet music, reduce lighting, and think good thoughts. consistently getting atleast seven to nine hours of sleep each night to function well during day. Make sleep priorty, take time to relax before bedtime, take a vacation trip, avoid vigorous exercise in the last three hours of the day, go to sleep and get up the same time every day.

Tips and Warnings

If you wake up at night not worrying or trying to solve problems rather think of pleasant thoughts. if you are still awake after a half hour stand up and do something relaxing such as reading for pleasure. a pleasant temperature, a dark and noise-free room, a comfortable mattress and pillow are and invitation to a good night’s sleep.
eat a heavy meal late at night can be harmful to sleep, staying in bed lomger than necessary even at the weekend may disrupt sleep pattern and make it harder to sleep the following night. with so much comfort can make it difficult to get up the next morning

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