Non-stimulant Weight Loss Products For Women

Non-stimulant Weight Loss Products For Women

Some drugs can be used without serious consequences. For example, how many people enjoy a cup or two of coffee every morning, without ill side effects of caffeine? But when it comes to losing weight, you should be careful about the types of stimulants you bring into your body, and how they are combined in pill form. Looking for a weight loss product that will help you burn fat, eat less and lose weight without feeling nervous? Drugs Ephedra and Hoodia is not stimulating products that can help women lose weight safely.

Ephedra is a popular diet pill ingredient often used by women. . According to the RAND Corporation, Ephedra-an herb commonly known as Ma Huang is “a small, sparse shrub found in Asia, where it has been used for a long period as a medicine, which is recorded in many medical documents from China.” it is often combined with caffeine and other ingredients to aid in weight loss, so make sure caffeine is not on the drug label. There are many potential side effects of using Ephedra. The Mayo Clinic warns of the possibility of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack, among others.

Pure Hoodia gordonii products are available in both tablet and powder form. Hoodia is a stimulant-free appetite suppressant and is an all natural pill made of what looks like a cactus. A tribe in the Kalahari Desert have allegedly used this plant for thousands of years. It is hypo-allergenic and even vegetarian. It must be taken before meals, and should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, those with high blood pressure or some younger than 18 years. Hoodia fans boast that there are no harmful side effects.

Weightloss Product Safety
Be careful when using any diet pill. Just because a diet pill claims to be all natural or safe to use, does not mean you should not be careful. Stimulant-free drugs may still have nasty side effects. A popular non-stimulant weight loss product called Hydroxycut was recalled in 202C and the FDA warned the public to stop taking it immediately. While stimulant-free and pretending to help burn fat and raise moods, it also had a list of nasty side effects, including liver damage.

Study up on side effects and possible interactions, and, of course, speak with your doctor before using any weight loss product. They can make sure you are the right candidate for these products, and guide you in the right direction for optimal weight loss.

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