Do Acai Berry Weight Loss Pills Work

Do Acai Berry Weight Loss Pills Work

The acai berry is a grape-like fruit and high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. There are many diets and detoxes that have come emphasized acai berry as a miracle weight loss food. Many applications use the pill supplements that are meant to stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat. Be weary of miracle claims, but do not overlook the health benefits of Acai Berries

Berry Benefits
The acai berry is similar to blueberries, blackberries and other berries. They are high in antioxidants, a good source of fiber and contain essential fatty acids that promote a healthy heart. These berries contain one of the highest amounts of vitamin C. A serving of acai also contains the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. It also contains omega-3 and omega-fatty acids, the same benefits as found in fish oil that helps to raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

As for the 202C research on Acai Berry has been limited. While nutritionists know what berries contain, statements from tabloids and diet sites have not justified. There is limited data through a University of Florida experiment suggests that berries have the ability to kill cancer cells. Additionally, in one Texas A M University study that antioxidants in acai is absorbed into the body when consumed as a juice or pulp. But, as with most fad diets, word of mouth and anecdotal testimony did acai berry a major industry.

Pills vs Juice or Pulp
So far, the studies have been made with real juice or pulp from berries. Many of the health properties of a berry has to do with fiber consumed when the fruit is full. In addition, antioxidants lose their strength when a fruit is juiced and antioxidants are exposed to air. This raises a question about the process that the pill supplements undergo. Many advantageous properties may be lost since most supplement manufacturers are not following US Food and Drug Administration guidelines. If a pill is able to keep the same nutritional value as the original berries, may be any weight loss benefits.

Berry and Fat
Since acai berry contains both antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, it has the potential to assist a person with lowering body cholesterol levels, thus fat percentages. Antioxidants have been shown to help stimulate metabolism as well. While there are no studies that show that acai berry diet, let alone an acai berry pills diet, can stimulate weight loss, it can help a person with other lifestyle changes to reduce fat. More time and research is needed for confirmation.

Do not Knock It
Although acai berry is not proven to be a weight loss wonder pill, do not dispose of the value of your health as a supplement. Again, it is a great source of antioxidants that help to maintain a strong immune system and fight free radicals in the body. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Adding another source of bad cholesterol and triglycerides fighter is a good thing. While the pill more than likely will not add any extra fiber in your diet, the other benefits are more than enough to consume berries or a pill supplement to improve your overall health.

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