How To Design A Personalized Weight Loss Program

How To Design A Personalized Weight Loss Program

ALL OF US are trying to lose weight! Well, almost everyone. . . With diet after diet pills, exercise equipment, and fast food advertising bombards us on a routine basis, it is no wonder that our country has the highest obesity rate in the world. When you hear the promise after promise followed by the error, which turns you do? You turn yourself and here are the steps to help you make the

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The first thing you need to do is be honest with yourself. Why is it not diets work for you? My answer was because I stuck with them. I was rarely hungry (and I mean really hungry) before I would put me on a diet. When I put the thought in my mind, so even the cardboard box the food came in SO good! And some diets I’ve been on, the food was allowed just not something I found very attractive (that’s when the cardboard boxes would be a feasible alternative meal). The only solution I’ve found to this problem is to stop putting myself on diets. It’s not healthy or natural greatly reduce calorie consumption and your body will immediately go into mental starvation mode, especially when you try to completely cut certain foods out of your diet. So the first step to design your own personal weight loss program is NOT put yourself on a diet.

Second you want to do is keep track of how much, when and why you eat. Are you really eat when you are hungry, or are you eating because everyone else decided to take a bite, and you do not want to be left out? I kept track of my eating habits for a week and noticed that most of the time I would eat lunch because it was expected of me. Everyone I worked with would tell me, “You better go get yourself a lunch or you will be hungry later.” The problem was that I get hungry at about nine in the morning and between three and four in the afternoon. I would eat lunch with my staff, not because I was hungry, but because it was expected of me. When I took control and just sat down, drank a glass of tea, and do not eat, I felt better. I had to look at my personal pattern of eating and start eating when I wanted or had to, not when it was expected of me.

The third thing I started doing was trying to control how much I ate when I ate. Did I really want other plate of food, or went I just want it because it was there? I started to fix my plate when I prepared a meal and immediately sat the remains away in the fridge. It cut down on how much I ate cause if I was very hungry, I’ll fix the second plate. If I was not, was the food in the refrigerator until I was hungry again. When I ate there, I ordered the appetizer portions for I noticed that usually after the appetizer I was full. I just wanted to continue eating because I did not want to waste food.

The last thing I started doing was moving. Not exercise, but moving! I had noticed that when I got control over how much I ate, I had more energy (my body was not having to spend so much energy to store the extra food). I was not so tired all the time, so I started moving more. You do not need to train at a gym or on any special equipment to be fit, you just need to move. The body was designed to work best with any kind of regular movement, whether to go for a walk, doing chores, or working in your garden. As long as you move, you help your body work better. You will discover that the more you move, the better you feel.

The key to designing a PERSONAL weight loss plan is to listen and work with your needs and preferences. We are not all meant to be a size 2, but we are supposed to be healthy. If you like ice cream, do not try to cut it completely out of your diet. Let you have any (in moderation, not the entire gallon). You must create a plan that will last a lifetime. Therefore, diets do not work. No one can live on a restrictive diet forever. We all need to LIVE, LET GO, and LOVE ourselves as the truly unique creatures that we each are. Good Luck!

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