What Do You Eat At Jenny Craig

What Do You Eat At Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a weight loss clinic that focuses on the consumption of pre-packaged foods. The basic idea behind Jenny Craig is that, by eating foods they prepare and submit, you will lose weight. These pre-packaged food comes frozen and is intended to provide the majority of your daily food intake

The Jenny Craig menu consists of mostly pre-packaged foods, delivered frozen from Jenny Craig. The frozen foods offer options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pre-packaged foods offer a variety of choices for every meal, and is designed to be complemented by limited portions of healthy food purchased from your grocery store. Jenny Craig delivers meals consisting of about 20 percent protein, 20 percent fat and 60 percent carbohydrates. Low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables purchased from the store as a supplement to the delivered meals.

A wide range of possibilities are available as pre-packaged food from Jenny Craig. In addition recommend Jenny Craig food you can buy from the grocery store for breakfast to supplement prepackaged frozen foods. Breakfast may include blueberry pancakes with vegetable sausage (a prepackaged frozen meal), a banana nut muffin (purchased from Jenny Craig’s menu selection), various kinds of healthy Jenny Craig grain (including Maple Nut, Frosted Oats, Complete Start and Cranberry Almond), a stuffed breakfast sandwich, a breakfast scramble or several other options. This breakfast can be supplemented with a number of fruit bought fresh.

The Jenny Craig prepackaged food menu for lunch includes a variety of options, including soups (chicken noodle, seafood soup, beef barley stew, etc.), Sandwiches (beef panini, turkey club panini, chicken sandwich), turkey burgers, chicken salad , rotini or a variety of other options. This meal, too, can be supplemented with small portions of fruit or vegetables from the local grocery store.

The Jenny Craig dinner options are also large and includes various forms of beef, chicken and pork. These pre-made dinner options can also be supplemented with a small salad or smaller portion of vegetables. There are a wide variety of different noon options available to satisfy most tastes, but the calorie content of dinners is also small and the portion sizes are moderate.

Snacks and Desserts
Snacks and desserts can either consist of Jenny Craig pre-packaged foods, including parts of cake, cookies, pretzels, popcorn or crackers. Fresh fruit is also an option for desserts and / or snacks, which are vegetables, including cut raw carrots, broccoli, etc.

Main Diet
The main idea behind Jenny Craig diet is that no foods are forbidden in moderation. With this premise in mind, the idea that Jenny Craig diet can be maintained when dieters graduate from eating Jenny Craig food to eat food from conventional food stores that they prepare. The wide variety of food available at the Jenny Craig website focuses on both the use of healthy ingredients and portion control. The pre-packaged foods allow dieters to get used to eating smaller portions without the need for calorie counting. This change, as well as guidance of Jenny Craig staff and an emphasis on exercise, helping to ensure that dieters will keep the weight off once they start to cook for themselves.

Restrictions of Diet
The finished meals provided by Jenny Craig does not cater for vegans or those with food allergies, so those with these special needs may not be able to succeed on this diet.

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