How To Effectively Use Sports Drinks

How To Effectively Use Sports Drinks

Water and electrolytes hydrate humans, sugar not. All name brand sports drinks are packed with sugar, which usually comes from high fructose corn syrup. Diabetics are told to stay away from sports drinks because of the high concentration of sugar, which is speaking. And I can not leave out all the crazy artificial flavors and colors in these drinks. That stuff is not natural or healthy for your body either. So is there any value

Considering we are 60% -70% water, the liquid is the most important for our body. Hydration plays a role in every vital organ and there are processes. Water is also essential to our tissues. For example, affects the amount of water in our muscles significantly our sporting achievements. For each percentage of body weight we lose through sweat in exercise blood volume is reduced measurably. When blood volume decreases, it diminishes the body’s ability deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that make the performance.

We also need electrolytes for proper hydration. Electrolytes direct water where it is needed most in the body, thus maintaining water balance in the system down to the cellular level. Electrolytes are minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium. Most of the sport know they need electrolytes, but are not aware that they are very simple minerals found in most common fruits. You are not required to consume scientifically formulated sports drinks to get them.

If you are an endurance athlete who has completed a few organized events, you know what it is to have an upset stomach from drinking all the sugary sports drink throughout the event. These sugar calories and carbohydrates can overwhelm the stomach and cause stress, like cramps. . . I’ve seen some people throw up neon green, matching sports drink offerings at the event, due to their stomach final rejection of high sugar drink

Here’s the trick: Neither clean water or sports drink alone comes to hydrate yourself properly. Clean water does not contain a meaningful amount of electrolytes and either makes shelf popular sports drink. Sports drinks have more electrolytes than water, but they have not as much as you need or balance. There are four essential electrolytes and most sports drinks only give a bunch of sodium. Try and find magnesium and calcium in some of them, essential electrolytes endurance athlete

Mix up hydration and include some fruits for best results. . . No doubt that calories from sports drinks can help you when you exercise, but you do not have a full load that comes in the bottle and all the sugar in the stomach. Using a variety of methods. If you go for a bike ride, get two bottles for hydration as follows: First water down sports drinks and keep that mix in a bottle-half water and half sports drink. Second, fill a bottle with water and add a sports supplement powder to the mix that provides significant potassium, magnesium and some protein for good measure.

Your body is obviously quite complicated. Do not assume that an advertised sports drink is actually better for you than water, as some companies claim. Nothing is better for you than water, yet, water alone will hydrate you optimally. Play around with some mixer until you find a way to deliver a balance of electrolytes, water and calories that make you feel better during exercise and not bloat not stomach.

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