Health Benefits Of Grapes

Health Benefits Of Grapes

Grapes are small, oval vine fruits which come in a variety of colors, including green, red and purple. They are delicious and have a taste that is a blend of sweet and tart. Grapes are eaten plain as a snack or can be incorporated into a variety of recipes. But they are eaten, but they always pack a lot of health benefits

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blood clots
Eating grapes helps to prevent blood clots. It does this by increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body, a drug that prevents platelets from sticking together.

Grapes has the ability to lower cholesterol. This is due to a specific antioxidants known as pterostilbene, which specifically target LDL cholesterol, which are the type that adversely affect the body.

Heart Muscles
A substance in grapes called resveratrol is known to help the heart muscle health. It does this by inhibiting certain compounds that are created in response to low blood pressure which adversely affects the heart muscle.

Lung Cancer
Reservatrol is also believed to protect the lungs. Eating grapes daily, or drinking red wine is made from red grapes, may reduce the risk of lung cancer by as much as 15 percent.

Grapes are known to have anti-microbial affects on the body. This means that they kill themselves unhealthy bacteria that can invade the body.

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