What Is Normal Body Fat For Men

What Is Normal Body Fat For Men

It is not easy when it comes to proper body fat percentage for any man. Although we can easily get a general idea of ​​what a person’s body fat percentage should be based on age and gender, it is important to remember that each person is a person with a different metabolism and lifestyle

Average Body Fat Percentage
The average body fat percentage of the general population can be categorized by age and gender. For a man up to 30 years average body fat percentage is between nine and 15 percent. For a man between 30 and 50 the average body fat percentage is between 11 and 17 percent. For man over 50 years the average body fat percentage is between 12 and 19 percent.

Athletic Men
An athletic man will discover that his body fat percentage is lower than the figures indicated above. The figures will vary depending on the individual’s age, sport, and activity level. Most male athletes between five and 20 percent body fat depending on the sport they choose.

A male cyclist, for example, usually has a fat percentage between five and 15 percent. A male weightlifter may have an average body fat percentage between nine and 16 percent. A male gymnast may have a fat content of between five and 12 percent.

Types of Body Fat
Everyone needs a small amount of body fat to survive. What most people do not realize is that there are two types of body fat that, when combined, make up an individual’s total body fat. These two types of fats are storage fats and essential fat.

Storage fat is the fat you would find subcutaneously, or just beneath the skin’s surface. Men and women have similar percentages of storage fat, about 12 percent.

Essential body fat is fat your body needs to function properly. The average man has around three percent essential fat in his body.

Danger Threatening Low Body Fat
Individuals with significant weight or body image disorders may believe it is important to reduce their body fat percentages as much as possible. Doing so could be dangerous for you if you lower your body fat percentage to a point where you do not have enough essential fats in storage. Your body needs a small percentage of storage fat to protect your most important internal organs, among other uses.

High body fat percentage
excess body fat will hinder your ability to live life to the fullest, slowing down the pace and chipping away at your perseverance. Make sure you compare your age and activity level before deciding what body fat percentage you should maintain. Seek the advice of a nutritionist or personal trainer to help you determine what your body fat percentage is right for you.

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