Can Low Iron Lead To Depression

Can Low Iron Lead To Depression

Depression symptoms

When we breathe, is that oxygen in the air is transferred from our lungs into the bloodstream via small blood vessels. Red blood cells pick up oxygen molecules and transferring them through the entire body. Normal red blood cells have enough chemical called hemoglobin to absorb oxygen molecules and transfer the body.

In a body that lacks iron is insufficient hemoglobin produced. This results in deformed, smaller and fewer red blood cells. Without the proper amount of oxygen reaching the brain and other vital organs, fatigue sets in Fatigue, poor concentration and mood swings are all signs of depression, as well as signs of low iron. Without a medical diagnosis, it is impossible to say what is causing the symptoms.
Iron deficiency anemia

Low iron, or iron deficiency anemia, has several causes. Internal bleeding such as ulcers can cause anemia. A poor diet is another. In women, pregnancy or heavy menstrual cycles are a major cause of low iron levels. Other types of iron deficiency anemia can be caused by certain prescription medications.

A simple blood test can determine whether the depression you feel is caused by low iron levels. The good news is that low iron, especially if it is caused by diet or pregnancy, is easily corrected. In most cases, an iron supplement will be prescribed. Follow the instructions given to you right. Although symptoms improve not stop iron supplements without consulting a doctor.

If anemia is caused by internal bleeding or other medical problems, iron supplements plus other treatment will be discussed. Low iron level caused by medications may require a change in the prescription. That is why it is important to see a doctor if symptoms of depression continue for longer than a week.
improve Diet

One way to avoid depression caused by low iron levels is to eat a healthy diet. Foods that are rich in iron should be incorporated into any lifestyle as part of healthy eating

Popeye had it right : Eat spinach. But do not have a glass of milk or dairy product with it. Calcium can inhibit the absorption of iron. All dark green leafy vegetables contain iron. Kale, collard greens, beet greens, spinach and dark green and red lettuce are good sources of iron. Another very good source of iron is watermelon. It should be watermelon having red meat (seeds or no seeds, it does not matter). Eating right can help prevent depression associated with low iron levels.

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