How To Learn The Basic Steps For Zumba

How To Learn The Basic Steps For Zumba

Zumba is a way to exercise that incorporates Latin rhythms with simple moves to create a fun fitness routine. Zumba combines fast and slow rhythms at intervals, and also includes strength training for toning. According to Zumba. com, as in 2010, Zumba classes are taught in over 60 000 locations. Learn to Zumba is easy once the basic steps are learned. These steps include merenge, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton

Do merengue. The merengue is a Latin dance that resembles a march, but the dancer does not lift the feet too high off the ground, as in a typical high step march. Arms should move in small circular motions, and should remain near the hips or waist.

Moving in a salsa rhythm. The salsa rhythm is a triplet step rhythm which is considered one and two, three and four. Your right foot goes out to the side of “a”, left foot steps in place of “and”, right foot back in the ‘two’. Then left foot steps out the “tree”, right foot in place of “and” and left foot back in the “fire”. This will be your basic salsa steps.

Dance on cumbia, one dances Columbia. The history of dance helps a dancer to learn how movements work. The workers in the sugar cane fields of Columbia were tied ankle to ankle. This makes cumbia a dance that only move one side of the body as if the other side was chained. The cumbia step right foot in front, left foot steps in place, right foot back, left foot step in place. The cumbia feels like a rocking front to back.

Practice dancing to reggaeton. Reggaeton is a combination of Latin and hip hop. Reggaeton does not have a specific basic step to it, but is more a dance style. It requires stomping feet and knees bent. Stomping is not a hard, marching type stomp. Stay low to the ground when dancing Reggaeton.

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