To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol is certainly a popular subject in newspapers and magazines, and for a good reason. We all want to stay healthy. Most people can do a few simple things to keep their numbers in the correct area. However, some facts to help you understand a little more about cholesterol. Read on to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally

Exercise. It’s what your body needs to move HDL cholesterol out of veins. Aerobic movement is the best form of this situation so that everything can breathe a little harder than normal. Go for a bike ride, walk, jump rope, play with the kids or any other type of activity.

Eat fiber-rich foods. Food contributes only about 20 percent of cholesterol and 80 percent is made by the liver in response to the body function requirements. But we all know now that certain foods high in fiber keep us full longer, and therefore we will eat less-contribute to less weight gain and thus easier movement.

Add some super foods to your diet. Garlic has been shown to lower blood clotting factor in blood. So next time you cook, start with a little roasted garlic. There are many other wonderful fresh foods that researchers continue to study, such as broccoli, red peppers, chili, apples that not only is that good for us, but delicious.

Drink plenty of fluids. Water helps keep blood hydrated and therefore more fluidic-flushing out waste. Concord grape juice is being studied as a wonderful source of substances that help to keep our veins flexible and clear. Fresh apple cider is a great source of soluble pectin. Most fresh juice is high in antioxidants, which also contributes to lower HDL levels when ingested.

Tips and Warnings

This is in no way a substitute for your doctor’s advice.

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