Pregnancy Protein Diet Zone

Pregnancy Protein Diet Zone

Dieting during pregnancy is a difficult issue. Although you should never try to consciously reduce calories while pregnant, you should always try to eat as balanced a diet as possible to afford your family the best opportunity to set normal development. Although the Zone diet is marketed for individuals who want to lose weight, the same general principles easily be used to provide a solid nutritional approach toward individuals who want to give their children the best possible start in life.

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Zone Diet
Consume a balanced diet consisting of healthy carbohydrates, lean proteins and unsaturated fats while pregnant on the Zone Diet. Although not as low-carb as other types of diets such as Atkins, the Zone Diet fairly carb-restrictive, in that the only allowable carbs are fresh fruits and vegetables (with the exception of some high-sugar fruits and vegetables such as bananas and corn). Fill your plate at each meal with two-thirds fruits and vegetables, one-third lean protein (from low-fat meat, chicken, turkey or seafood) and a small part of unsaturated fats (from nuts, seeds and vegetable oils). Aim to consume five or six balanced meals throughout the day in this way, eat when you are hungry to provide your child with all the calories he needs to properly develop.

scientific Proof
Understand that a lower-carb, higher protein diet healthy for pregnant individuals. According to information from an article published in Science Daily, a study conducted in the UK at the University of Southampton School of Medicine found that a lower carb diet during pregnancy resulting in offspring that had a superior cholesterol profile in relation to individuals for a “typical” high carb, low fat diet. Thus, as long as you keep your fat intake modulated to large unsaturated sources, a carburetor-limited approach that Zone perfectly suitable for pregnant mothers-to-be.

Always remember to inform your treating physician about your choice of diet approach, so you can be properly monitored for signs or malnutrition or other potential problems with the baby. Keep your doctor informed about your dietary habits will help to insulate you from the off chance that something could go wrong during pregnancy. It may also be helpful to have a list of several days worth of meals to show him for approval.

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