How To Prevent Age Spots

How To Prevent Age Spots

Age spots will start to appear in our late thirties. These stains caused by waste buildup in the skin cells. We tend to dismiss those spots, and show them as harmless. But the seats are full of waste, and this waste is slowly destroying the body’s cells. There are ways to prevent age spots, and if you are interested to learn how, see these tips

You need:
Diet rich in protein, and raw fruits and vegetables

. Eliminate junk food.
Exercise daily.

Distilled water.

B complex and Lactobacillus.

Dandelion root and beet juice.


Poor diet will cause age spots. Avoid processed cheese, lunch meat, bacon, fried foods, sugar, frozen dinners, flour and caffeine. Your diet should be high in protein and fifty percent raw fruits, vegetables, fresh grains, seeds and nuts. Drink distilled water and add dandelion root coffee to your diet.

Lack of training is the root of many evils, including age spots. You do not need to belong to a gym to get a good workout. The best exercise is a power walk or swimming. So go out and power walk. Exercise for thirty minutes every day. Whatever form of exercise you choose is up to you. As long as you get your heart pumping and blood circulating your body will be able to fight disease and age spots.

Avoid going out in the sun without sunscreen. When you go out be sure to have on a 50 SPF sunscreen for minimum protection 85 SPF would be best, especially if you have blue eyes and a fair complexion. By protecting your skin from the sun, you will be preventing age spots.

Use raw aloe vera gel on your age spots. Do this twice a day. The gel will remove toxins from your skin and heal your skin.

Take a multivitamin, a B-Complex and add Acidophiles to diet. Acidophiles found in yogurt.

Tips and Warnings

Wear sunscreen on cloudy days

Drinking beet juice
Eat fruits that contain lots of antioxidants

Brew green tea and drink two cups a day.
Add antioxidants, A, C, E, Siberian ginseng
Avoid alcohol, salt, fried foods, and reducing sugar intake

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