Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Diet

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Diet

Fibromyalgia is in many ways a devastating disease, not because it threatens their lives, but because it can impair the quality considerably. Characterized by chronic pain and fatigue that seems to never go away, have fibromyalgia no known cause — and unfortunately, no guaranteed effective treatment. However, more and more studies and fibromyalgia patients find strong evidence for relief by changing their diets. Since fibromyalgia is so patient specific, works no one diet best for everyone. But using trial and error, these patients just may find some relief by changing some of the foods they eat.

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Foods to Avoid

While avoiding these foods will not guarantee that fibromyalgia symptoms subside, they have made it “do not eat.” List according to an article by Colette Bouchez. These foods are aspartame or NutraSweet, additives such as nitrates and MSG, simple carbohydrates such as sugar, caffeine (both in foods such as chocolate and drinks like coffee), yeast and gluten, dairy and nightshade plants (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplant).
Foods That Fight Fibromyalgia

Although no significant evidence exists to support or refute certain foods’ abilities to fight against fibromyalgia symptoms, they are worth a try. According to nutritionist Samantha Heller, raw foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts and cold-water fish and lean protein can help mitigate the effects of fibromyalgia. Replacing foods high in carbohydrates and sugar with these natural alternatives can help reduce pain and curb fatigue by preventing sugar spikes in blood.
Is it really Fibromyalgia?
Rheumatology expert Dr. Alex Shikhman suggests that dietary changes are perceived to help the symptoms of fibromyalgia because fibromyalgia is not, in fact, the underlying problem. While many problems could be the real culprit — arthritis, celiac disease or chronic fatigue syndrome, to name a few possibilities — there is no way to really tell without extensive testing and analysis. However, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as these are related to types of food ingested. Changing your diet can only prevent fibromyalgia because healthy food ingested simply do more to help the body at peak performance levels — and it’s always a good thing.

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