ECA Stack Information

ECA Stack Information

ECA Stack is a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin used as stimulant and for weight loss. It is illegal in the United States and Canada because of the significant health risks associated with ephedrine. Taking it could lead to moderate weight loss

The US FDA says that supplements containing ephedrine offer “modest short-term weight loss without any clear health benefit.” Boozer et al. wrote in both 2001 and 2002 the ECA stack supplements caused about 10 pounds of weight loss in obese patients over three months. According FL Greenway write in the scientific journal “Obesity Reviews,” a review of scientific studies on the safety and efficacy of dietery supplements containing a combination of caffeine and ephedrine revealed that they were about as effective as the weight loss drug Deithylpropion and more effective than dexfenfluramine . Greenway concludes that “the benefits of caffeine and ephedrine in the treatment of obesity appears to outweigh the small risks associated.”

side Effects
The US FDA says that ephedrine increases blood pressure and otherwise enhances the circulatory system. It has also been linked to significant health problems, including heart attack and death. According CN Boozer, writes in “International Journal of Obesity Related Metabolic disturbances” in 2001, dry mouth, insomnia and headache were reported by the participants to take a combination of ephedrine and guarana. In 2002, Boozer and colleagues also noted an increase in heart rate, dry mouth, heartburn and nausea. Aspirin can cause blood-clotting problems, and easy bruising.

Many scientists disagree on whether ECA stack should be legal. FDA scientists believe that the potential danger of ephedrine overdose it too risky to take. EL Greenway said in a review of more than 50 studies on ephedrine-containing supplements that negative side effects were no more common than in the placebo for the first four to 12 weeks of treatment. Boozer et al wrote that obesity is more dangerous than the risk of taking the ECA stack, so ECA stack should be legal.

In the US and Canada, it is not only illegal to produce supplements that contain ephedrine, it is also illegal to promote such supplements. In the United States, ephedrine-containing products is prohibited not only due to their health risks, however, because they can be used as an ingredient in methamphetamine.

Talk to your doctor before taking the ECA stack. Tell your doctor about any other medicines or supplements you take together with ECA stack. Do not take ECA stack if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, insomnia or hemophilia. Do not take it if you are using blood thinners, stimulants or medications to treat heart problems.

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