Why You Lose Weight With Low-carb Diets

Why You Lose Weight With Low-carb Diets


Weight loss occurs when the number of calories your body burns exceeds the number of calories taken in through the food you eat every day. This process is mostly achieved through a healthy mix of eating healthy food, watching calories and exercising regularly. However reinforce the types and amounts of foods that you can eat, can also help you accelerate your weight loss. This is often the case with low-carb diets.

Your body needs energy to run its many processes during the day. This energy can come from a variety of places, with the most frequent blood sugar, body fat storage and, in some cases, muscle. When your body needs energy, is the first place it is to glucose in your blood.

When you eat carbohydrates, the body secretes natural insulin. Insulin is a hormone that has the ability to turn carbohydrates into glucose. The glucose produced then runs through the blood of many tissues in the body. As these cells need energy to work, they absorb glucose through the bloodstream. This is an important step, as too much sugar in the blood can lead to harmful effects seen in patients with diabetes. The glucose is then used in the tissue to create energy.
Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

When you reduce the amount of carbohydrates you ingest on a daily basis, you also reduce the amount of insulin produced. This causes less blood glucose to be present in the blood. When tissues no longer has enough glucose to get their needed energy, turn your body to other places to find and produce energy. The first of these places is usually your fat storage. The body burns fat storage instead of glucose, causing a loss of body fat as well as a drop in pounds. It is important to be careful about how much carbs you take out of your diet, your body can also turn to muscle storage to make up the resulting deficit from a lack of glucose in the blood.
As with any diet, balance is needed to ensure that the body gets enough of all the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to survive. Completely eliminate some of these important nutrients can be harmful to your health. As such, it is not recommended to remove carbohydrates from your diet. A low-carb diet can still be effective by just limiting and monitoring carbohydrate intake.

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