How To Pick Wild Blueberries

How To Pick Wild Blueberries

Wild blueberries hang on bushes in small bundles as something makes grapes. When ripe they fall off almost as soon as you touch them. Nutritionists recommend blueberries because a cup of blueberries has only 84 calories, no cholesterol or fat, many trace minerals and lots of vitamin C. antioxidant effect of the wild blueberries fights cancer, heart disease and aging. Make your health a favor and pick your own blueberries

Select a bunch of rich, light gray to dark bluish blueberries. Ignore those with some traces of red on them.

Keep a bucket under the heap of wild blueberries with one hand.


Select the ripe blueberries by gently rubbing, and they will fall into the bucket. The blueberries will not emit light if not mature yet.

La bucket or container open so any moisture can escape.

Freezing blueberries without washing as soon as possible. Must cover them while they are refrigerated. Once cooled, they can last for 10 to 14 days.

Wash just before serving or eating.

Tips and Warnings

Pick blueberries starting in mid-July. Most of them will mature in August with some still available for picking in mid-September.
A shimmery silver coating indicates a healthy blueberries.

Blueberries with some traces of red on them will not ripen further after picking, so leave them on the shrub.
Water makes blueberry fade, so do not wash until ready to eat. Even if you freeze them, not wash first.
Do not pick wild blueberries that is mildew, soft or watery.

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