Effects Of HGH On Athletes

Effects Of HGH On Athletes

Growth hormone, or H, has been a frequent topic of conversation and controversy in professional sports. While bodybuilders have known about and used HGH for decades, are athletes in other sports are looking at its effect

Anabolic Effects
HGH promotes growth of muscle cells through hypertrophy and in some cases can lead to hyperplasia, which is multiplication of muscle cells. The end result is added muscle mass.

regenerative Effects
As steroids, HGH affects strengthening of muscle tissue, helping athletes recover from injury faster. But unlike steroids, HGH also helps strengthen connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

metabolic effects
Human growth hormone helps release fatty acids, which burns fat stores in the body while helping to build muscle mass.

Anti-Catabolic Effect
Using HGH can help athletes recover faster from intense workouts and diets by not breaking down muscle proteins.

In older athletes, HGH can fill hormones that are naturally lost as people age. Since growth hormone decreases by half every 10 years, the effects have an appreciable difference in performance.

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