South Beach Diet Phase 1 Breakfast Ideas

South Beach Diet Phase 1 Breakfast Ideas

The South Beach Diet has a diet plan with three distinct phases. Phase 1 is the shortest, lasting only 2 weeks. It is the phase 1 is the most restrictive. Phase 2 varies in length depending on the person, and Phase 3 lasts forever. In Phase 1, you are not able to eat fruit, cereal or oatmeal, so you think it’s hard to come up with breakfast ideas. However, there are several options

You need:
unsweetened applesauce

Breakfast Choices

When you start the South Beach Diet, many people first complain that breakfast seems. the hardest. But it is the most obvious choice breakfast like cereal, oatmeal and fruit that is not allowed in Phase 1. Others believe it is impossible to eat 1/2 cup of vegetables for breakfast in addition to protein.

The concept for breakfast with the South Beach Diet is simple: you have to eat protein (unlimited amount), 1/2 cup vegetable and fat. You are also allowed to have a drink like coffee, tea or water provided it is sweetened with sugar substitute and / or fat-free milk.

Did you know that eggs are allowed on the South Beach Diet? So is turkey bacon and Canadian bacon and low-fat cheese. Here are two breakfast ideas:

Breakfast 1-omelet made with low-fat cheese and 1/2 cup broccoli, servecd with a side of Canadian bacon and half a tomato. Remember that you must eat at least 1/2 cup of vegetables without maximum level.

Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and green peppers served with a side of turkey bacon.

If you get sick of eggs, try a vegetable smoothie. Simply mix a small cucumber with 6 oz. Tomato juice with Worchester sauce and Tabasco sauce in a cold surprise.

You can also try egg muffins. See Resources for a recipe.

One thing that you must always remember is that phase 1 only lasts 2 weeks. Here is a sample 2-week breakfast plan:

1 Day, 6, 11
scrambled eggs

Canadian Bacon
1/2 Tomato

Day 2, 7, 12

chicken breast
Hard Boiled Eggs


Day 3, 8, 13
Omelette with brocoli / cheese

6 oz. tomato juice

Day 4, 9, 14
egg Muffin

1/2 Tomato
Canadian Bacon

Day 5, 10

Fried Egg
Turkey Bacon

tomato juice

See Resources for a link to many other recipes.

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