Facts About Cholesterol From Eggs

Facts About Cholesterol From Eggs

Eggs have been called a “complete” food: They contain many of the nutrients the body needs to function properly. Unfortunately, eggs also contain cholesterol, which is a major culprit in cholesterol disease and cardiovascular disease. But we can still enjoy eggs even as we reduce our intake of cholesterol

Eggs and cholesterol
One egg contains 213mg of cholesterol, which are all found in the yolk. For patients with cholesterol disease, this one egg provides more than the daily recommended intake of cholesterol.

Egg and Diet
If you are healthy, with no signs of cholesterol disease, limit your daily intake of cholesterol to less than 300mg / day. But if you have high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease or diabetes, you should limit your daily intake of cholesterol to less than 200mg / day.

LDL cholesterol
LDL is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs our arteries and veins with plaque (plugs of cholesterol that stick to the walls). Talk to your doctor and find out what a healthy cholesterol level is for a person your age.

Overall Diet
If you choose to have an egg, limit cholesterol intake for the day. It is possible to include eggs in your diet : Remember to bring the food you’ve eaten that have eggs as an ingredient when planning cholesterol intake for the day

egg Options
If you like eggs, you can eliminate cholesterol by eating only the egg white, which contains no cholesterol. You can also use egg substitute, if cooking or baking with eggs, use only egg whites or egg substitute.

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