How To Change Your Diet To Reduce Arthritis Pain

How To Change Your Diet To Reduce Arthritis Pain

Pain caused by arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, can be more devastating than damage to the affected joint. But some people do not like having to take massive doses of painkillers just to gain relief. There are dietary modifications can help alleviate or relieve pain. In addition, the changes help to improve the overall health

You need:
Permission from a doctor to make dietary changes or modifications, especially if another condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, exist.

Personal knowledge of what works and what does not work for you as an individual.


change your diet and REDUCE Arthritis Pain

Keep a food log for a week. Write down everything that is eaten in one day, and how it was cooked (broiled, fried, boiled, steamed, eaten raw)

Keep pain log for a week. Write down each episode of pain, emphasizing the pain felt before or after eating. In addition, write down whether or not to eat a particular food actually had an effect, and the kind of effect it had.

Use pain history as a guideline, begin to eliminate or reduce those foods that cause or worsen pain. Begin to increase the amount of foods that reduce or alleviate pain.

Find out whether or not the preparation method has / had an effect on pain. Make changes or modifications are necessary.

Once you have determined that the diet works, continue to follow it, making some additions or deletions as necessary.

Tips and Warnings

Have patience. It may be possible to say immediately what foods help to reduce or get rid of pain all along, and which foods may be or is the cause of pain to start or worsen.
Some foods, such as those containing capsaicin are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Consider adding these to your diet if you are not already eating them.

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