When Can Children Eat Citrus Fruits

When Can Children Eat Citrus Fruits

As infants grow, their diets expand beyond breast milk or formula. Parents gradually introduce solid foods to their children is careful to watch for allergic reactions or other signs of trouble. Because citrus fruits have been known to upset some babies’ stomachs, clinicians recommend waiting to introduce them to the infant is older

Age Recommendation
Doctors recommend waiting until an infant is 12 months old to provide tangerines, oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits. The recommendation also applies to juices made from citrus fruit.

Gastrointestinal Due
Very acidic foods like citrus fruits may cause stomach upset or diarrhea in children before their first birthday, because their digestive system is not yet developed enough to handle acid.

juice Dilution
Even after age 1, recommends doctors and nutritionists dilute fruit juice, so they are part water to three parts juice. Children who drink too much juice is often obese or malnourished.

choking Prevention
Parents who offers citrus fruits to their infants older than 12 months is necessary to remove any seeds, membrane and shell first and offer small pieces so that the child does not choke.

Other Foods for 12 months
Doctors also recommend that parents wait until their babies reach age 1 to introduce eggs, cow’s milk or honey.

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