Food Sources Of Iron

Food Sources Of Iron

Certain foods that you eat are higher in iron than others are, but unlike some myths, you do not have to be a meat eater to get enough iron in your diet. You can make several choices when it comes to eating for getting iron into your diet: by eating meat, seafood and even by eating vegetarian

. Meat
Pork contains 7.4 milligrams of iron in a three-ounce serving. A three-ounce serving of beef, chicken or turkey gives 6:56 milligrams of iron.

The highest amounts of iron found in shellfish and oysters, a three-ounce serving of one of these will give you seven milligrams of iron. Other options that are not as high in iron but are good to add to your diet’s sardines, mussels and salmon

For those who are vegetarians, there are many options. . A 2/3 cup serving of oatmeal, farina or rice provides 6:56 milligrams of iron, which will spinach.

Lentils, legumes and soybeans all contain a healthy amount of iron.

It is proved that vitamin C can help the body absorb iron, so eat foods high in vitamin C along with foods containing iron is a good recommendation.

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