How To Reduce High Cholesterol With Food

How To Reduce High Cholesterol With Food

If you have high cholesterol, you will probably do everything you can to lower it. What you may not realize, however, that it is very healthy foods you eat may contain hidden cholesterol. Well, in this article we will teach you how to lower cholesterol with food. Clear? Well, let’s get started

Try delicious soy. Soy is one of the most common foods that have the ability to lower cholesterol and the good news is that you do not need to limit yourself to tofu. Instead, you can eat soy cheese, soy milk, and even such treats as soy burgers, nuggets and corndogs. And, the good news is that these items taste great and can lower cholesterol. In fact, many people do not even tell the difference between soy-based products and meat products.

Use garlic. Garlic is another food that can lower cholesterol. The great thing is that you do not need to eat raw garlic (unless you like it or trying to keep vampires away), instead, you can add it to any type of food to give it a tasty zing. For example, garlic is added to omelettes, chicken dishes, and even stir-fry. And, for those of you who hate garlic, you can also buy garlic supplements at health food or grocery story that also provide similar benefits.

Go vegetarian on occasion. Even if you love meat, you crave it and refuse to give it up permanently, it’s okay. You can still reap the benefits of lower saturated fat by eating more vegetarian meals and cut down on read meat. A warning However, you should keep away fired dishes like vegetable tempura and eggplant parmesan as these contain hidden cholesterol.

Choose soluble fiber enriched foods. Just like the advert says, the soluble fiber your friend and foods like oatmeal has plenty of soluble fiber and is an excellent choice for those trying to lower your cholesterol. Other good sources of soluble fiber include carrots, barley, flaxseed, oats, apples, and sweet potatoes. And, for those who do not care about these delicious foods, you can even add fiber to food and drink so you have no excuse at all.

Drinking pure apple juice or eating apples every day. Apples are known to lower elevated cholesterol level because it contains high levels of phenols preventing LDL from sticking to blood vessels. Instead urge it to pass through the excretory system.

In conclusion, changing your diet many not be easy, but when making simple but effective changes, you can change your health positively and lower than bad cholesterol. Now go out there and eat the above foods and watch the bad cholesterol rating drop.

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