Health Benefits Of Calcium

Health Benefits Of Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for the healthy maintenance of the body.

bones and teeth, especially, need calcium to be strong and work properly. Other body parts and organs so successful with the correct dosage of calcium. Calcium is found not only in milk and yogurt products, but in several other foods like sardines, spinach, molasses and sesame. Some people find it easier to meet their calcium dose by taking calcium supplements
Bone and Dental Health

When calcium intake is low or poorly absorbed by the body, it adversely affects the bones and teeth. A sufficient amount of calcium forces these body parts and helps prevent osteoporosis, a disease which damages b1
Calcium and Hypertension

The pressure in the arteries now 140/90 is considered high. This “hypertension” is potentially dangerous, as it may lead to other bodily dysfunction, such as heart and kidney disease or stroke. Calcium helps the body to fight high blood pressure by lowering sodium levels.
Benefits of Colon

Studies have shown a correlation between increased calcium intake and reduction of nonmalignant tumors of the colon and rectum.
transports nutrients

Calcium helps the body to absorb nutrients by helping their transport across cell membranes.
Calcium and PMS

Calcium helps to stabilize the hormones, light premenstrual symptoms.
Cramps, moodiness and depression are all associated with elevated hormonal levels.

If you take calcium supplements, consume no more than 500 milligrams at a time, as the body can not absorb so much at one time.

Men should not take more than 1,000 milligrams of calcium in a single day as it is a possible link to excessive calcium and prostrate cancer.

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