How To Reduce Belly Fat – The Three Foundations

How To Reduce Belly Fat – The Three Foundations

Ok stop kidding yourself. There is no magic bullet or simple things you can do to reduce belly fat overnight. Did you just wake up this morning and find an extra 10-20 pounds around your waste? First, we must understand what lies behind our belly bulge, and how can we use this knowledge to reduce belly fat and live a life filled with digestive balance.

What lies behind the belly bulge?
Let’s be honest about it: poop is a serious subject. It is not a pleasant topic, but we have yet to meet someone who does not. What’s more, the digestion of food and elimination of waste an important issue for anyone trying to lose weight, reduce belly fat and achieve digestive health. Most people do not realize that behind their belly bulge can lie four to 10 pounds of undigested food and uneliminated waste that has built up over the years. The protuberance around the middle is more than unsightly-it is poisonous

function of the digestive tract is to absorb nutrients from the food we eat and eliminate waste. . When we drink a sufficient amount of water, and eating the right foods, meaning those that are sources of raw, natural fiber, our bowels function properly. Alternatively, when we eat high fat and processed, zero-fiber food, they are stuck in our digestive tract and gradually accumulate, resulting in an intestinal bulge which in turn causes the stomach to swell. Not only this “dead” food back up the digestive system, but it also essentially rots inside us. This circumstance leads to a variety of health problems, including: impaired metabolism, powerful food cravings, excess weight gain, frequent fatigue, skin problems, impaired digestion, irritability and mood swings, recurrent headaches, constipation, metallic taste in mouth, flatulence and bloating, bad breath and smelly stool.
You can see why poop and digestive health are such serious matters. We invite you to visit the butcher shop and pick up a four-kilo package of meat. Can you imagine that sitting inside on a large, immobile lump, bound for or already in the process-decay? ? Can you imagine toxins flooding system

You need:
A deep desire to change your body image

. Patience.
. . Endurance

Serving So many people focus on what NOT to eat instead of eating. There are many wonderful tastes and try to have a less waste should not mean that you can no longer enjoy food. Try and cut the portion size at each meal for two. Cutting down on some fatty additives such as butter, milk, cream in coffee, SODA (diet or regular) and oils. Do not give them up-cut back. Being hungry between meals is normal and a sign that your body needs to be filled. Choose wisely here and snack on fruits, vegetables, a handful of almonds, low-fat yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese. Do not forget to drink water! Your body needs it, and it will work better if you can get 8 to 10 glasses a day.

Movement is essential to support any body transformation. To reach your goals, look at what you are doing now, and work toward what we call the double double. . . double duration and double intensity. For example, if you walk for 15 minutes three times a week you must double double it to three 30 minute walks at a pace twice as fast as usual. In another example, if you exercise regularly at the gym or at home double double by adding small exercises in between normal set (push ups, sit ups, lunges) and increase the number of reps you do. (Certainly e-mail us at info @ flathealthystomach. Com for more information) or sign up for updates at http: // www. flathealthystomach. com / contact. php

Supplementation is important because no one every natural take on the perfect mix of essential nutrients. We recommend a whole food based multi vitamin, protein shakes if you are trying to increase muscle mass, fish oils, and a new natural supplement that combines green tea and aloe called Flat Healthy Stomach. Check it out at http: // www. flathealthystomach. com

Tips and Warnings

Visualize your goals-cut out pictures of several agencies that you want to look like-put them in a place where you can see them every day. If you’re brave enough, you will put them on the fridge
Take on a partner-ask your friend, family member or spouse to participate in mission-you are more likely to succeed as a couple or more.
Be true to yourself and stick to it -. it takes time to see results

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