What Are The Risks Of Having Too Much Cholesterol In A Diet

What Are The Risks Of Having Too Much Cholesterol In A Diet

High cholesterol increases a person’s risk for serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Controlling the amount of cholesterol in the diet is the key to a healthier lifestyle

time Frame
It happens slowly and quietly, yet cholesterol (in the form of plaque) can build up over time on the blood vessels and result in some form of heart disease.

The buildup of plaque in blood vessels eventually leads to a thickening or hardening of the arterial wall known as artherosclerosis.

As arteries become thicker and openings in the arteries are narrowed, less blood flows through the arteries to the heart, called coronary heart disease.

Less blood flow to the heart means less oxygen is carried to the heart. This can cause chest pain, or “angina”, an early warning sign of impending heart attack.

Reduced or blocked blood flow to the heart results in a heart attack and less flow to the brain resulting in a stroke.

Theories / Speculation
Although not a direct contributor, plays high cholesterol a role in the formation of gallstones.

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