Techniques To Maintain A Diabetic Diet

Techniques To Maintain A Diabetic Diet

Diabetics must watch their sugar intake to stay healthy. Over time this should caution be common, along with continuous blood sugar monitoring. Using your blood-sugar readings, you can eat the right amount of certain foods in relation to the amount of insulin you take. And using a sliding scale for insulin injections, can prevent spikes in blood sugar

insulin intake for meals
Test. your blood sugar 30 minutes before eating a meal. Adjusting insulin intake level of glucose indicated. There are some terms, but how much insulin you take vary depending on body type, weight and type of diabetes. On average, if the reading is above normal, you have to add devices to the basic amount, usually five units per 50 points above the baseline, but check this equation with your doctor before adopting it

You must also pay attention to what to eat. If it is a carbohydrate-heavy meal, such as potatoes or pasta, take more insulin. But if the food is mostly protein and green vegetables, you can generally reduce the amount of insulin taken.

Snacks and Dessert
Eat healthy snacks to control your blood sugar. During long periods without food, may blood sugar dip to dangerous lows. A small snack four hours after eating is always a good idea. Not only will this help to regulate blood sugar levels, but will also curb violent hunger during meals. Many doctors recommend a snack containing approximately 30 carbohydrates, such as some apple slices and a cup of yogurt or pretzels with peanut butter. Adding a lean protein snack will also prevent blood sugar spikes and help to maintain healthy blood-sugar levels.

Eat dessert snack before bedtime. Many insulin diabetics inject insulin before going to bed. If you do not have dessert or a snack before bedtime, your blood sugar may fall to dangerous levels while sleeping. It is important for many diabetic diets to eat a snack before bed, but make sure to get a reading before going to sleep. Adjusting insulin needed, based on this reading. A single serving of low-fat pudding or pretzels with a cup of yogurt is bedtime snacks that can help to maintain blood sugar overnight at a healthy level.

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