How Does A Mineral In A Cell

How Does A Mineral In A Cell

Dietary minerals are inorganic substances that must be provided by diet and are obtained from food. When food is ingested, minerals into the cells of the body of a person through either correct or active transport

minerals in the body
Once they have been ingested, minerals are dissolved in body fluids. In this form, they are called “salts.” Because of their ionic composition these salts may have a positive or a negative electric charge, which requires that they enter a cell through easier or active transport.

Disabled Transportation
Facilitated transport occurs when minerals move from one side of a cell membrane to the other through the molecules that act as channels. The structure of these channels determine which minerals can pass through them.

active Transportation
The active transport of minerals in a cell is different from the facilitated transport in that it requires energy. The energy required to drive ion pumps in the cell membrane, which moves minerals into a cell at the same time as they move to another molecule out of the cell.

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