How To Have A Flat Stomach Without Doing Crunches

How To Have A Flat Stomach Without Doing Crunches

Everyone wants better health and a flatter stomach. It’s a way to get this without doing crunches. It is natural and easy. The stomach is designed to hold and drop and we often tend to keep more than we do

do you need:
Coconut or coconut butter / oil

. Water.
Colon Cleanse product.

Drink water at the wake. This will get colon move toxins out.

Eat only at late as 6:30 p.m.

Drinking water on the first wake. This will get colon move toxins out.

Breath into the lower abdominal inhale 6 hold for 3, exhale 6 hold for three. Doing this restores the muscle memory and allows the body to release old energy that gets stuck in the stomach and abdomen area.

Eat a miracle food roared Woman World called coconut butter / oil. This is truly a miracle food and it will help your body release toxins and creating the potential for stomach flattening.

Take a scoop full of SuperGreens every day to help your body release keeps the fat and cellular walls.

Do a colon cleanse. I mean not a tea nor do I think a pill that you take every day. I think a good cleaning of getting colon on condition.

Tips and Warnings

Eat a tablespoon of coconut butter / oil daily for 30 days.
Select a colon cleanse that is recommended by alternative medicine practitioners, not your doctor. They are not as well versed in the colon cleanse process.
The more you keep the colon clear and flowing the flatter stomach, and the fewer cravings you want.

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