How To Lose Weight Without Spending Extra Money

How To Lose Weight Without Spending Extra Money

Losing weight does not have to be a chore, and it certainly does not have to cost a lot of money. When trading any negative food and exercise habits for some positive, you will see the weight drop off while the wallet remains fat. Incorporate the following practical steps into your daily routine will help you lose weight without spending extra money on expensive nutritional plans and training programs

lose weight without spending extra money

Stop buying junk food. Chips, cookies and candy are convenience foods, and that means they are not only unhealthy, but they are also expensive. Beware chip and cookie departments at the supermarket, and collect some fresh fruit instead. A bag of cookies and a bag of apples cost about the same, but the nutritious apples will leave you fuller longer than sugar laden cookies.

Commercial bread for rice cakes. Rice cakes are very tasty and can satisfy your urge to crunch on something. With new flavors hit the shelves every few weeks, you are sure to find one you like. Often a bag of rice cakes are cheaper than a loaf bread, and they are better for you. If you can not live without bread, but choose whole wheat reduced calorie bread. It has half the calories of traditional white bread and twice the fiber of just a few cents more.

Pack lunches. Do not give yourself the opportunity to be tempted by the burgers and fries for lunch. You can pack a low-fat lunch for a fraction of what you pay at a fast food restaurant and you will save yourself between 500 and 2,000 calories!

Drink diet soda instead of regular soda. Each 8 oz. glass soda you drink staples of 100 calories in your daily calorie intake. Does not sound like much? Consider that 36 oz. soda you get from fast food restaurants. If you drink it, you will add an additional 450 calories for dinner. Diet soda costs the same as regular soda, and it contains no calories.

Walk or jog for exercise. Walking or jogging can help you lose weight fast. It increases heart rate and increases metabolism which burns fat. While some form of physical exercise will help you lose weight, have a long walk does not require any special equipment or expensive training gear. All you need is a bottled water and a safe place to go.

Order from children or senior menu when eating out. These cheaper entrées are less than usual menus so that you not only eat less, but you will save money.

Tips and Warnings

Stay hydrated! Drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water a day.
Always warm up and stretch before exercise to avoid injury to the muscles.

Do not buy foods that you know you should not eat. If you do not have access to bad food, you can not eat them. Never
start a new fitness regimen without approval of your doctor.
Skipping meals is not recommended as this can slow down your metabolism and hamper your ability to lose weight.

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