ADHD Diet Modification

ADHD Diet Modification

Symptoms of AD / HD, or ADHD, can often be reduced or eliminated through diet modification. Removing sugar from your diet, eliminate additives and investigate potential food allergies are all ways to alleviate ADHD symptoms

avoid Sugar
Sugar gives an increase in energy, which could create problems for someone with ADHD. People with ADHD tend to react to sugar with increased hyperactivity. If you have ADHD, you may also find that sugar reduces your ability to concentrate. To prevent these problems, people with ADHD remove as much sugar from their diet as possible. This can be done partly by substituting water or diet drinks for sugary sodas. Sugarless candy and other treats can take the place of the usual candy, cakes and desserts. Make sure you read the nutritional information available to the food you eat ,. This will help you to remove sugar from the food you eat

eliminating Additives
Many foods have additives used to improve color or freshness product. Additives are ingredients that would not generally eaten as dyes and chemicals that prevent mold from growing in the product. Although not all people with ADHD have a reaction to food additives, to remove these additives from your diet is a change that can make a difference.

investigating Allergy
Food allergies may contribute to symptoms of ADHD. Common allergens are eggs, wheat, chocolate, nuts and milk. While many people with allergies break out in hives or other obvious allergic reaction, people with ADHD are experiencing behavioral problems as a result of their food allergies. To find out if you have any food allergies, try an elimination diet. After removing all potential allergens from your diet, put the food back in one at a time, noting any unusual symptoms that occur after eating a particular food.

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