Foods Which Help To Promote Sleep

Foods Which Help To Promote Sleep

Want to get a good night’s sleep? Eating foods that promote sleep may be a natural way to prevent insomnia. Make sure you get the right foods, ones that not only promotes sleepiness, but also will be easily digested so you can sleep through the night

When you want to sleep well, eat foods high in carbohydrates in connection with those containing tryptophan. The body uses tryptophan to make serotonin, the neurotransmitter that slows down nerve activity in the brain, and carbohydrates increase this effect, making you sleepy.

Foods high in tryptophan include dairy and soy products. Eggs, seafood, poultry and red meat also has significant amounts of tryptophan. But because of its high protein content, should these foods be eaten in moderation. Rice, beans, lentils, whole grains, hummus, hazelnuts, peanuts, sesame and sunflower seeds have good quantities of tryptophan.

Foods that are high in carbohydrates and low to medium in protein will help you relax in the evening. Select the following food combinations: pasta with Parmesan cheese, pita with hummus, scrambled eggs and cheese, crackers with peanut butter, rice and beans, chicken with vegetables or tuna salad sandwich

bedtime Snacks
You will. enough sleep better if you do not eat right before going to bed. If you just can not sleep on an empty stomach, have a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk, a little tofu with hazelnuts or peanut butter sandwich. Since it usually takes about an hour on tryptophan in food reaching the brain, do not wait until right before bedtime to get snack.

Final Advice
Light meals are better than meals high in fat when you want to sleep. Large meals make the digestive system work hard and can keep you awake. Avoid spicy foods that may cause heartburn, along with foods high in sugar, since they can send you on a roller coaster of plummeting blood sugar, followed by the release of stress hormones that can keep you awake.

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