Drug-free Treatment For ADHD

Drug-free Treatment For ADHD

When people-especially children-are hyperactive, inattentive, or impulsive, they may be diagnosed with ADHD. . The ordinary course of action to treat ADHD is prescription medication, but David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, neurologist and author of “Raise a Smarter children at nursery, says drugs only treat the symptoms of ADHD, not the cause. He says:” According to the American Medical Association, no drug therapy has been shown to be effective in some long-term study. “Because of this, patients diagnosed with ADHD or their parents might prefer a drug-free approach.

Dr. Perlmutter cites a study by Dr. LJ Stevens in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which found that boys with ADHD had much lower levels of omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which is found in fish oil -. than normal children, he recommends supplementing the diet with DHA, which is known to improve focus and brain function. This move is supported by the journal Pediatric Clinics of North America. In addition, advises Dr. Perlmutter that a multi-vitamin and other central brain-boosting supplements be considered, including ALA (alpha lipoic acid), which is another omega-3 fatty acid, N-acetyl-cysteine, phosphatidylserine, co- enzyme Q-10, and gingko biloba. He also says to eat healthy organic food because they have no additives and chemicals found in processed and packaged foods. These may contribute to ADHD-type behavior.

Closing your eyes and focus on her breathing may seem simple, but for a child with ADHD, it can achieve more than you think. In a study of medical education consultant Sarina Grosswald was published in 2008 in Current Issues in Education, was transcendental meditation found to have potential benefit for children with ADHD by reducing anxiety and stress. This in turn improves behavior and attention. A separate 2008 study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders by researchers at the University of California-Los Angeles also supported mindfulness meditation to control ADHD.

STNR Exercises
What is often diagnosed as ADHD may be caused by an immature Symmetric Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR), says Nancy E. Woodworth O’Dell, Ph. D. and Patricia A. Cook, Ph. D., authors of “Stopping ADHD: A Unique and Proven Drug-Free Program for the treatment of ADHD in children and adults.” This reflex helps babies learn to crawl by letting the top half of their bodies to work separately from the bottom, but if a child goes further to go too fast, his STNR retain control longer than it should. “An immature STNR can significantly affect the child’s ability to sit still, pay attention, and writes easily, they say. They recommend that developmental exercises based on the review done for 15 minutes a day, for about eight months after all over 5 years including adults.

Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback, train patients on how to control their own brain waves, which can sharpen focus and attention. Eugene Arnold, one psychiatriatry professor at Ohio State University and researcher of the method, it says “looks like a promising treatment.” However, it is quite expensive and laborious, as reported by U. S. News & World Report. Psych Central, the Web’s largest mental health network, adding that biofeedback therapy “has been found as effective as medication, without harmful side effects.” It adds that the kids really enjoy it, because they exercise their brains, while controlling video games.

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