Foods That Can Cure Us

Foods That Can Cure Us

If we are what we eat, so it makes sense to eat the most healthy food available. After all, when health issues arise, it seems no other life issue as immediate and as important as being good, and if so-called superfoods exist, it seems obvious that it is the foods that we should eat on a daily basis. So what are these superfoods and they stand up to all the hype

While the term “supermat” is associated with the presence of phytonutrients such as beta-carotene, in fruits and vegetables, water (not containing phytochemicals) is an excellent way to feed body. Since the body of a human adult consists of 55 percent to 60 percent water, it makes sense to constantly refuel the body with water. Benefits of drinking water (. Eight to 10 8-oz glasses per day) include :

?? Hydrating the internal and external organs and muscles and blood
?? Keep your brain working properly — headaches can occur when the body is dehydrated.

?? Balances body’s process of elimination.
?? Regulation of body temperature, especially in strenuous activities (e. G., Exercise).

u2022 Keep body weight in check — stay hydrated maintains a “full” feeling.

For extra flavor, add lemon or lime juice to a glass of ice water. For a refreshing drink, add cucumber slices to a glass of water.

Blueberries are the classic super food because they contain large amounts of phytochemicals — antioxidants that are thought to help protect the body against free radicals and chronic diseases. In a study conducted at Rutgers University, identified scientists compounds in blueberries reduces the risk of a urinary tract infection.

Blueberries are delicious fresh or frozen. Take a handful of fresh blueberries or sprinkle blueberries in cereal or salads or low-fat vanilla ice cream have something sweet.

A member of the family cabbage, broccoli has long been associated with healthy food. It is said to:
?? Protect against various cancers, including breast, prostate, ovarian, lung, bladder and colon, and help fight metastasis (cancer cells migrate to other parts of the body).

?? detoxify the body’s cells.
?? Support stomach health, including treating or preventing ulcers.

?? Repair skin damaged by the sun.
?? Reduce the risk of heart disease.

?? Lower risk of cataracts.
?? boost the immune system.

Broccoli is a great snack in raw form. Steamed broccoli maintains its high nutritional value, which makes microwaved broccoli.

Barley is not the attention that whole grains do, but it is equally potent in providing the benefits of fiber. Barley is also a good source of selenium, phosphorus, manganese and copper. The health benefits include :

?? A high fiber content — good for regularity, low cholesterol
?? Improved cardiovascular health, especially for postmenopausal women

# X2022 ,. . . Lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
?? Protection against developing breast cancer

?? Provide defense against childhood asthma

Make vegetable barley soup or serve warm as a cereal. Or make a cold salad by combining cooked, cooled barley mixed chopped vegetables and toss with a favorite dressing, such as Italian or balsamic vinaigrette.

Soybeans and foods made with soy are gaining in popularity in the UK states, and with good reason: They have been a part of heart-healthy Chinese diet for about 3,000 years. This nutty-flavored bean has numerous health benefits:
?? Provide as much protein as the equivalent amount of meat, but without the artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol.

?? Keeping your weight down by helping the body produce fewer and smaller fat cells.
?? Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure in men.

?? Protects against atherosclerosis by increasing nitric oxide in the blood.
?? Increases bone mass in women.

?? Maintains healthy blood sugar levels.
?? Lowers the risk of developing diabetes.

?? Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

Sprinkle sprouted soybeans on a salad. Try boiling soybeans for 10 minutes, allow to cool and sprinkle them with salt, eat seeds by scraping the entire pod between closed teeth, thereby extracting the seeds. Or add soybeans to a favorite soup.

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