How To Be A Wise Consumer When Shopping For Food

How To Be A Wise Consumer When Shopping For Food

Grocery shopping does not have to be a daunting task. Sure, the store is filled with rows and rows of food options. But experts suggest planning and research can help you be a smart shopper, save money and find healthy food choices in the process

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Plan your trip to the grocery store before you go, make a detailed list of items to be purchased. Planning meals before going to the grocery store, you can save 20 percent on your grocery bill, experts suggest. Meals can be stored for residues is also a good savings option.

Avoid deviating from shopping list. Knowledgeable in-store marketing to track shopper plans. Stay on task.

Compare generic products from known brands items. Many times, the two products have identical ingredients and can taste very similar.

Buy items that are both low-calorie and heart-conscious. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute recommends stocking up on staples such as fish, skinless chicken, rice, pasta, whole-wheat bread and fresh or frozen vegetables.

Look for foods that are high or low at the grocery store’s shelves. The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service says that such items are often cheaper because higher-priced, branded manufacturers pay to have their items placed at the consumer’s eye level.

Buy simultaneously when possible. But do not buy more than can be used before the items exchanged.
Use coupons. Manufacturers hand out thousands of opportunities every week through newspapers and through in-store specials. Americans cashed in about $ 3.2 million in vouchers to 202C with that figure expected to rise in 2010.

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