How To Use Tomato Sauce For Heart Disease

How To Use Tomato Sauce For Heart Disease

Tomatoes, which are rich in a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, have proven useful in promoting cardiovascular health. In many cases, they can help to lower high blood pressure, as well as assist in preventing heart disease. While these delicious fruits are wonderful on their own, the truth is that few of us would eat large enough quanities of them every day to have the kind of influence we might want. But using them in more compressed and amplified version of tomatoe suace, we extend the number of ways that tomatoes can be used in our daily meals.

You need:
whole tomatoes

. Tomato sauce.
Various spices. Mobile milk and / or cream.

Lemon juice.
Other vegetables (V8 juice).

Food processor or blender bullet style.
Recipes requiring tomatoes, tomato paste or sauce.

Olive oil.
Ground round or buffalo meat.

Mixing bowls.

Use all natural tomato sauce for the best nutritional and health importance. Make your own tomato sauce or shop for organic and / or other versions that are not packaged with extra chemicals and preservatives. Additional chemical ingredients may actually do more harm not use tomato sauce at all.

Mix tomato sauce with other heart healthy ingredients whenever possible. For example, if you must use oil in your chosen recipe, choose olive oil instead canola or vegetable oil. Olive oil, added tomatoes actually helps to increase the fruit flavor and increase their healing values. Add a little garlic for yet another heart healthy ingredient Extending health impact.

Choose the leanest type of meat in recipes that contain both tomato and minced meat of any kind. Try ground round instead of ground beef, which tend to be fattier in nature. Better yet, choose buffalo, which gives the leanest type of meat of all while offering an extra dose of healthy protein.

Use tomato sauce to make your own tomato or V8 juice style. You will experience more than five times the amount of natural tomato goodness and nutrients benefits without any additives and preservatives found in most canned juice.

Create homemade tomato soup with tomato sauce and other ingredients such as sour cream vegetable broth, heavy cream, or other ingredients that you normally use in your tomato soup.


Substitute tomato sauce for other types of sauces or condiments in recipes. For example, instead of a steak sauce served over a meatloaf, use a tomato sauce topping.

Use tomato sauce for whole tomatoes in recipes that call for them. Chances are the food tastes better and you will get the added benefit of a tomato heart healthy benefit without the bulk of a whole tomato.

Rather than making a meat sauce for spaghetti, just add some hearty healthy tomato sauce with garlic, oregano, Italian seasoning, or other spices that you like to use. Increase your heart healthy benefit of the meal by choosing to use whole wheat or multi-grain pasta instead of the traditional white pasta. If you want you can even add a few fresh tomatoes on top for a stronger tomato flavor or as a garnish.

Use tomato sauce as a substitute for tomato juice in drinks like a Bloody Mary, rather than pre-canned tomato juice. Mix up your own natural juices for the occasion. It can be a supplement to your diet to ensure you have an adequate amount of lycopene in the diet.

Use tomato sauce as an adjunct to diet to ensure you have an adequate amount of lycopene in the diet.

Tips and Warnings

Use good ripe tomatoes for tomato sauce.

Choose organic tomatoes to make tomato sauce whenever possible.
Use natural and / or organic products with tomato sauce whenever possible.

Make sure the tomatoes you use is not too mature.
Be careful with mold and / or bacteria transfer using tomato sauce.
Avoid tomato sauce containing much additives and preservatives as these can kill health benefits of the fruit.

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