Natural Diets For ADHD And ADD Kids

Natural Diets For ADHD And ADD Kids

Parents of children with attention-deficit disorder (ADD) or AD / HD (ADHD) often to a diet overhaul as a first step in managing your child’s condition. Although doctors have mixed reviews on the effectiveness of diet as a “cure” for either disorder, some parents think that choosing their children’s foods carefully helps in managing symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention that characterize ADD and ADHD

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Shop for Natural Foods
A healthy diet for children with ADHD or ADD should emphasize whole and natural foods, including organic meat, fish, eggs and organic vegetables. Use oats, brown rice and rye bread instead of white rice, bread or pasta. Nutrient deficiencies may contribute to ADHD. Pay special attention to feeding children enough iron, B vitamins and calcium.

Shop Carefully For Fruit
Children with ADD or ADHD often have a hypersensitivity to the naturally occurring salicylates. Salicylates can be found in otherwise healthy foods, including apples, grapes, raisins, oranges, peaches and plums.

Avoid processed foods
Sugar and additives may increase hyperactivity in children. Avoid feeding your kid with ADD or ADHD foods high in sugar, or with added colorings, thickeners, preservatives or vegetable gum.

Consider possible allergies
Food allergies can also trigger symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Common food allergies include soy, milk, chocolate, peanuts, wheat, sugar, eggs and grain. You may want to consider eliminating or greatly reduce these foods for your child’s diet.

Avoid Heavy Metals
Heavy metals found in foods can also lead to inattention or hyperactivity. Avoid foods that contain mercury, cadmium and manganese. Hair analysis can determine if the child suffers from heavy-metal toxicity.

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