Paleo Diet For ADHD

Paleo Diet For ADHD

The Paleo diet is a way of eating that recreates the way our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic era (Stone Age). Some people believe that the Paleo diet is the most suitable diet because it is programmed in our genes, and has allowed us to survive as a species. Some claim that this diet can help people with a variety of diseases or disorders, including ADHD

Paleo Diet
The guidelines for the Paleo diet recommends consuming only food that was available to the first humans. This includes meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Fruits, vegetables (especially root vegetables), nuts and berries are also a staple of this diet. On Paleo diet, you must rule out any food that must be processed to eat and was not available to man before the fire was discovered. Excluding foods such as cereals, potatoes and other vegetables you need to cook to eat, beans, dairy products, sugar and salt and peanuts, which are not actually nuts (they are legumes). The aim of the Paleo diet is to get back to the basics, eating foods that helped fuel the people from the beginning of human evolution.

ADHD or ADHD is a neurological behavioral disorder that affects up to 5 percent of children and about 4.7 percent of all adults. Symptoms of ADHD is lack of attention and focus, inability to concentrate, impulsivity and hyperactivity. A study reported in Pediatrics in 2004 suggested that gluten (found in carbohydrates) can trigger digestive problems in certain people. Gluten sensitivity was shown to be more prevalent in people with ADHD. The reduction or elimination of gluten in the diet may relieve some ADHD symptoms.

Paleo Diet for ADHD
The paleo diet excludes foods containing gluten, such as potato, bread, oat and most grains. By following the Paleo diet, you automatically have to eliminate gluten from your diet. If you suffer from ADHD, this may help your symptoms. Following a gluten-free diet or a high-protein diet, such as Atkins, can give similar results.

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