David Kirsch Diet Plan

David Kirsch Diet Plan

Celebrity trainer David Kirsch created Ultimate New York Body Plan, intensive program with strict dietary restrictions and necessary training. Kirsch promises participants will lose weight, have more energy, improve muscle tone, look their best and see results if they follow his plan

The Ultimate New York Diet includes a comprehensive eight-week eating plan that is divided into three phases. Phase I is the most restrictive and are based on Kirsch’s A ,, E B, C, D and F of nutrition which stands for alcohol-free bread, starchy carbohydrates, dairy products, sweets or fruits. During Phase I consists meals only lean meats such as turkey, chicken or fish and vegetables. One or two protein shakes are also consumed throughout the day. Phase II provides healthy carbohydrates latitude, and Phase III includes cheat weekly meals.

For the first two weeks on the plan, recommend Kirsch daily sessions consisting of 45 minute cardio sessions followed by another 45 minutes of aerobic exercise with strength training and toning or an abdominal and leg routine.

After the first two weeks, beginning Kirsch for maintenance training. This program requires three days of aerobic exercise with strength training and toning, two days of 45 minute cardio sessions and two days of 30-minute strength training sessions.

Tools for Success
Krisch recommended calorie count and keep a wellness journal that records training and nutrition for maximum results.

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