Low Calorie Sugar Substitutes

Low Calorie Sugar Substitutes

Most of us like to indulge in a little something sweet from time to time. Unfortunately sugar high in empty calories, so a sweet tooth can get you in big trouble if you’re watching your weight or just trying to maintain a healthy diet. Many low-calorie sugar substitutes on the market, but it can be difficult to keep track of the different varieties.

Available for over 100 years, saccharin was one of the first artificial sweeteners on the market. It’s very cute and, like the other substitutes on this list, is calorie-free. Saccharin is common as a coffee sweetener in diet sodas, chewing gum, baked goods and jams.

Aspartame is another very sweet sugar alternative considered to be 200 times sweeter than sugar. It was approved by FDA in 1981 and has since become very common. It tends to amplify other flavors in the food that you use it. Aspartame is often an ingredient in diet soda and powdered drink mixes, sugar-free candy and chewing gum, yogurt and frozen desserts. Aspartame is not often a suitable replacement in baking, so it tends to lose its sweetness with prolonged heating.

Even sweeter than aspartame is neotame. Because of their intensity, food manufacturers can use less of it when producing their products. There are many of the same types of products as aspartame, but because it is more stable, it is also usable for baking.

Acesulfame Potassium or Ace-K
acesulfame potassium has a sweetness reminiscent of aspartame, but it keeps its stability at high temperatures, so it is more suitable for cooking and baking. It is often hard candy, chewing gum, powdered drinks, breath mints, alcoholic beverages and pastries.

Sucralose is made from ordinary sugar, but it is 600 times sweeter and contains no calories. Because of its sugar-like properties, it’s a good choice to use for baking and cooking. There are soft drinks, syrup, and apple sauce, but it is also widely available in bulk, so you can use it in home baking.

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