Precautions For Atkins Diet

Precautions For Atkins Diet

Although the Atkins Diet is a time-tested method to lose weight, does not mean it is without drawbacks. Each diet has its pros and cons, and the trick to effective dieting is to understand the negative finding the right diet for you. The following are the basic elements you should understand before you decide to embark on Atkins

Kidney and liver disease
As a low-carb diet means you will be subsisting on higher levels of both fat and protein, people with preexisting renal or conditions shall pass before blindly engaging in Atkins Diet. While increased protein intake pose little or no problem for individuals who are otherwise in good health, those with preexisting conditions or a family history of kidney or liver problems should consult their doctor before starting Atkins.

Endurance Trainees
If you are a person who likes endurance activities, or prolonged strength training sessions, maybe Atkins not be the best plan for you. Glycogen is the body’s main fuel source used to power endurance activities, and are primarily created through digestion of carbohydrates. In an ultra-low carb diet, your body will be naturally low in glycogen, which will invade performance in athletic endeavors.

mental gymnasts
If you work in a high pressure fields that increasingly require complex mental gymnastics success (for example, a flight controller or surgeon, you may be better to avoid the Atkins Diet. While on the Atkins Diet, which your body makes switching to a ketogenic state, you will experience difficulty concentrating and perpetual brain fog. These symptoms will subside over time, but if you work in a high-stress, high-pressure field where time is of the essence, avoid Atkins may be your best option.

Nutrient deprivation
Being very low in carbohydrates, warns against Atkins consumption of many fruits and vegetables in order to achieve a transition into the fat burning condition known as ketosis. Although the overall carb limit will increase beyond the original recommended 20 grams the longer you are on the program, and with 40 grams of carbohydrates is a trifling amount when considering how many fruits and vegetables that the body needs in order to achieve a sufficient level of vitamins and minerals . Thus, if you are likely to “spend” carb allotment on nutritionally empty carbohydrates rather than on fruit and vegetables, Atkins did not plan for you, as this can lead to nutritional deprivation over time.

Avoid Faux Low-Carb Foods
If you are the type who are lured by the “siren’s song” of alleged low-carb foods frank, as low-carb bread and ice, maybe Atkins not plan for you. Although these foods are technically low-carb in accordance with labeling regulations, alcohols sugar found in these products will negatively affect your body composition in the same way as higher-carb foods. Therefore, you must be mentally prepared to avoid these frequent temptations if you hope to maximize your time on Atkins.

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