How To Increase Bran To Fight Heart Disease

How To Increase Bran To Fight Heart Disease

Bran is the outer layer of grains such as oats, wheat and rice. During food, this outer layer is often removed from the grain. This creates a smoother product, but it destroys many of the health benefits of grains. Eating bran can have major benefits in the fight against heart disease. The best way to increase bran in your diet is by eating whole grains

You need:
Old-fashioned oats

Grains that lists a whole grain as the first ingredient.
Whole-grain bread.

Whole-grain tortillas.
Whole-grain pita bread.

Whole-grain bagels.
Whole-grain English muffins.

Bulgar wheat.
Wild rice.

Brown rice.

Multigrain chips and crackers.


Start your day with whole grains. Do this by eating old-fashioned oats or cold cereal that contains whole grains as the first ingredient.

Use whole-grain breads for lunch or snacks. Examples of whole-grain bread is rye, whole wheat or multigrain. You can also experiment with more unusual bread. Look in the refrigerated section of bread made from more unusual grains, such as spelled and faro.

Eat whole-grain tortillas, pita bread and baguettes. Whole-grain English muffin is also an option.

Add cooked grains to soups, salads and casseroles are another way to spice up your bran intake. Try adding Bulgar wheat, wild rice, brown rice or quinoa.

Choose whole-grain snacks. These can include multigrain chips and crackers.

And for home bakers, replace half the flour with whole-wheat flour in your regular recipes for cookies, muffins and cakes.

Tips and Warnings

Many people think that the only source of bran in your diet is bran alone. But it makes more sense to consume whole grains, which are usually tastier. They are also generally healthier because they are less processed.
Only 10 percent of supermarket stocks are whole grains or foods made with whole grains. When looking for whole-grain foods, it is important to read ingredient labels.

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