How To Lose Post Pregnancy Pounds

How To Lose Post Pregnancy Pounds

For nine months you are a human incubator. Hips spread, breasts “are to watermelons, and stomach… Well, lets just say that you know your feet are down there somewhere, because they are sore, but you just can not seem to find them. This is the miracle of new life , your first peek into the world of motherhood. And your body will take the first beating. When the baby is born, you expect all that weight to just melt away. But it does not. And it is doubtful that without perseverance. Yes ! it is hard! But not impossible. I got 50 pounds while pregnant with my son, and lost all of my six weeks after birth agreement. This is what I learned on the journey

You need:

The opportunity to give yourself a break !!!.

Breastfeeding could only have been invented by God! It’s an amazing experience to keep the newborn baby to the breast, and know that this milk was made by you only for your child. Most pediatricians will encourage you to breastfeed for the first year of baby’s life. It is not always an easy road, though. Many mothers are able to produce enough milk. Or baby will not latch on right. Sometimes going back to work making endeavor simply impossible. But if you can breastfeed, DO IT! The doctors tell you it’s good for the baby, but guess what? It is equally good for you. And breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day!

Eat healthy! I know this is an obvious statement, but sometimes it’s difficult to get the proper nutrition your body needs when you are busy taking care of a newborn. You must make the time to sit down and eat. Sometimes I would prepare salads or sandwiches for lunch the night before while the baby slept. Always be sure to have plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand. These foods are easy to grip, and can be eaten on the go.

Tell your calorie intake. I know . . . not just a fun way to spend your free time (if any), but you will definitely see better results if you make yourself accountable. The average woman needs at least 1,200 calories a day to stay healthy. Up this to 1700 if you are breastfeeding, or otherwise very active. I quit http: // caloriecount. about. com /. It is an online database where you enter the foods you eat and activities, and it keeps a record of your calories for you.

Exercise is always essential for weight loss. Start out easy. Put baby in the stroller and push him / her around the block. Most babies like to see the world in this way, or can be comforted by the movement and sleep. Whatever baby will be happy and you will be well on your way back to pre-baby body.

Tips and Warnings

Create a meal plan when the child sleeps or dad is home. This will keep you eating the right foods.
Train yourself in the art of positive thinking. Believe you can lose that weight !!!
Do not exaggerate! Take naps with baby whenever you can. You are more likely to overeat if you’re too tired.

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